The Best Sociology Books for Beginners: Introduction to 5 Sociology Books

The Best Sociology Books for Beginners: Introduction to Six Sociology Books

To start studying Sociology Books, it is better to get acquainted with the best books in this field since social issues have so many attractions. Many times our progress in society is influenced by our social status rather than our efforts as individuals; race, religion, and gender are also essential factors in our lives. The study of this is done by social science. In this article, we will be familiar with books to start sociology. But before that, we’re going to define sociology.

What is the definition of sociological science?

There is no single definition of sociological theory. The use of descriptions has led to different intellectual currents in sociology. In sociology, other social groups are discussed and studied. Some people call the study of other human interactions sociology.

The Best Sociology Books for Beginners

Sociology إBook by Steve Bruce

The Book of Sociology is a short and helpful collection of fish publishing. In this book, the author tries to explain sociology and its differentiation from other social sciences and, in the next step, explains many fundamental assumptions of sociology. The final chapter of this book is also dedicated to explaining sociological work. This book can be a good start to reading sociology.

Sociology For Dummies: Uk Edition Book by Nasar Meer

Sociology For Dummies: Uk Edition is not like the experimental sciences, whose laboratory has controlled conditions. The sociological laboratory is society itself. Sociology is a widespread and highly motivated knowledge. This book can be a good starting point for the study of sociology. The material in this work is said in simple and understandable language, and the author has tried to avoid complex theoretical discussions as much as possible.

The book is made up of six primary sections and 19 chapters. In Part 1, we will be familiar with the principles and principles of sociology. The second part teaches us to look at society from a sociological perspective. The third section deals with the fascinating topic of equality and inequality. The book’s fourth part is devoted to a detailed analysis of social institutions. Part 5 is about our society and our lives. The book’s final part is Bread; here, we meet ten other sociological books, learn ten ways to use sociological insights, and finally discover ten common myths about sociology.

Sociology Book by Anthony Giddens

Anthony Giddens’s Sociology gives us a deep understanding of sociology and is suitable for people who would like to get a deeper understanding of this knowledge. The book is taught in a section of the world’s leading universities as a resource for sociology and social sciences students. Anthony Giddens’s Sociology takes an up-to-date and modern look at social developments and explains these new developments well. This book presents even the most complex ideas in simple language.

A unique and fascinating book on education, media, inequality, government, politics, and social theories exists. In sociology, there is a comparative approach to empirical research, and ideas are also examined from the perspective of empirical evidence. Giddens’ Sociology has 21 chapters. Anthony Giddens was born on January 18, 1938. He is a prominent English sociologist and author. Giddens was born in London and earned a degree in sociology and psychology from the University of Hull.

He then studied at the University of London School of Economics. This writer and lecturer is considered one of the most influential sociologists of the 21st century. It’s not exaggerated to say that if you want to read just one sociology book, reading Giddens’s sociology is enough!

Sociology, 9th Edition PDF Free

Download Sociology Book by Anthony Giddens

Talcott parsons et la sociologie américaine

Talcott Parsons is regarded as one of the most important contemporary American sociologists, and Guy Roche’s book attempts to explain the theoretical foundations of Parsons’ sociology. In the book’s introduction, the theory of functionalism is defined by its forerunners. The first chapter is about the life and evolution of Parsons’ works. This chapter discusses American sociology between the two world wars and the basis of epistemology in general sociology.

The second chapter, called General Theory of Action, examines the concept of social action. The third chapter deals with the relationship between social order and society. The fourth chapter deals with the relationship between economic and political systems and examines the institutional structures of the economy. The fifth chapter of Talcott Parsons’ Sociology examines the relationship between structure and personality development. The sixth chapter of the book is about Parsons Applied Research. The book’s final chapter also points to reviews of Parsons’ theory.

Introduction to Sociology: Seagull Edition Book by Anthony Giddens

Introduction to Sociology: Seagull Edition Book by Anthony Giddens is more concise than Sociology and contains nine chapters from the original book. Some chapters have also been summarized. This book presents essential topics for sociology lovers and students in this field.


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