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LiveinBook’s website has been founded in 2022 to provide a vast library of lots of books in digital format for free on the internet. The goal of LiveinBook is to become one of the most influential websites in this world in a way to helps to create a culture among the people of this world. On LiveinBook, you can find books on different topics which are published like AudioBooks, Comics, EBook, Fiction, Magazines, Newspapers, Or Textbooks that you can use for free.

On the LiveinBook, we desire to introduce the authors of the books in the blog section for that you will be familiar with those authors who are cooperating with LiveinBook.

I hope the authors will cooperate with us to increase the study range of the whole world and, we will see the cultural progress of the whole world day by day.

LiveinBook has become a platform where authors can upload their works on the LiveinBook for all those visitors over the world who are going to visit the website and read them all (all authors can have a contact with us to publish their works on LiveinBook immediately).

We always like to have benefited from our visitors’ opinions and be aware of everything, so if you have any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate and contact us to know lots of information about all the procedures that you need for your work.

* Those people who cannot afford the money for the books only can use the free files on the website. Otherwise, please Buy the Books to support the authors.

* If you are an author of one of the books that are published on the website, and you are discontent with this situation; the free files that are for you will be removed immediately (because we always respect our authors).

We hope we will have a world without any war, and instead of war, we have joy.