Good news for those interested in scientific books is that these books are incredibly diverse. You can find books on any specialized and general science you’re interested in on Feedbooks. Scientific books are written by researchers, scientists, or scholars like Stephen Hawking. These books are presented to an audience seeking a broad education rather than specific scientific knowledge, which is why they are recognized as popular science.

Scientific books have many subfields that are often interconnected. For those interested in astronomy and astrophysics, it’s essential to become familiar with mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Books on astronomy and astrophysics delve into the physical and chemical properties of celestial phenomena, such as stars and planets. Interestingly, contrary to common belief, aerospace does not have a direct relationship with astronomy and astrophysics; it encompasses fields like computer science, metallurgy, mechanics, and electronics.

If you have an interest in scientific books on zoology, you should acquaint yourself with the field of biology. Also, if you intend to study this field, you need to receive education in animal biology at a university, and after graduation, you can work in environmental protection organizations and related institutions.

Some scientific books, such as those in medicine and paramedicine, are highly specialized. Paramedicine falls under the category of experimental sciences and includes private emergency services training provided by specialists. Those interested in this field should be aware of the differences between medicine and paramedicine. Paramedics work under the supervision of doctors, and they are a part of the medical treatment team. Afterward, they work for environmental protection organizations and related institutions.

Introduction to Best-Selling Scientific Books

One of the best-selling scientific books on Feedbooks is “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. This extraordinary book tackles some of the most challenging subjects in modern physics. The questions laid out as the foundation of “A Brief History of Time” are the focal point of this book. Questions like where the universe comes from, where it is going, what we know about it, and how we know it.

If you find yourself procrastinating and lacking focus on your tasks, consider reading “Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much” by Eldar Shafir and Sendhil Mullainathan. By reading this book, you’ll learn how to eliminate distractions and become more productive and happier by fulfilling your responsibilities and duties.

Highly Acclaimed Scientific Books

One of the most popular scientific books on Feedbooks is “The Theory of Everything” by Stephen Hawking. This powerful book narrates the creation of the universe and the hows and whys of it. This book is a collection of Stephen Hawking’s lectures at the University of Cambridge, where he addresses some of the most critical questions in human history, from humanity’s greatest accomplishments to the big bang, black holes, time, and the grand claim of physics and the theory of everything.

I recommend taking a look at the latest releases and reading the fascinating book “Smart Solutions for Environmentally Friendly Smart Cities” by Vimala Swamy. In this book, Vimala Swamy provides a theoretical framework and key strategies for designing environmentally friendly smart cities. This book offers solutions for improving urban environments, enhancing green spaces, water resources, and more.

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